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 Kamp & Karavaan Tydskrif

Interactive Trading 498 CC - Established 2004 - in reaction and demand for a representative, reasonable and sustainable National Launchpad - opposed to a regional adrenalin event – Caravan and Camping manufacturers as well as Related Destinations convened at the 2005 Holidaymakers EXPO®.  Currently the Pretoria FM Caravan | Camp & Destination SHOW and previously the Beeld Holiday Show.

Founding Partners agreed that a February date allows for the annual launch of new products and services in advance and address not only the Easter Holidays, but the Winter Holiday Seasons and other Breaks as well.  Leading the way - many other “shows”, expo’s and events followed soon. 

“Breek Reg Weg”©  & “Plan Your Break”© became our motto, because that is what serious Campers do, and will continue doing more of in the changing world we live in.

2020 celebrates the 16th annual Pretoria Fm Caravan | Camp & Destination Show previously known as Holidaymakers EXPO®. – A name renowned for credibility, the correct exhibitors, and the quality of visitors year on year, the Show have many achievements under its name.  The Show took up 30 000mat a stage when Bikes formed part of the mix, but currently the show takes up most of the indoor space at Gallagher Convention Centre and an average of 17 000mhas become the norm which makes it the largest indoor “outdoor” Show in Africa. In addition, the Show has placed first as the most favourite Expo in the 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards.  The show has an average of 450 leading products on display with an average of 26 000 quality visitors annually. In 2018 the Show had a record number of 33 new Caravan & Trailer models on display which was the most ever for any show in in Africa and in 2019,  with the new growth in manufacturers, the show had a record number of leading Caravan Manufacturers on display in Africa to date.

The Pretoria Fm Caravan | Camp & Destination Show in Association with SA's TOP  Caravan & Outdoor Life Magazine is acclaimed as the show with the largest indoor stands and compares with oversees “monster” caravan shows such as those in Germany and England.  We however have less models and manufactures than in Europe.

The Camping and 4 X 4 Accessories segment of the show offers the very best available in the market, while Related Destinations displayed at the show, are mainly focused on those of us who tow our holiday along, pack it in, or throw it on the roof.  All done - very professionally of course.

The Show’s focus is on Exhibitors and as in Europe visitors will not be able to view a concert or speed along a track of sorts.  Visitors attend in order to plan properly, affording them an opportunity to apply their accessories appropriately at a selected destination. Our motto is: PLAN YOU BREAK© 

The 2020 show is yet again the most representative exhibition in the industry.  To list all the new items here is not really possible – So, for the real enthusiast, visiting the show is the only way to discover what’s new in the market.

Next Show at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand:  21st - 23rd  of February 2020.  Doors open Friday 09:00 and Saturday and Sunday at 08:00.

Entrance is R100 per adult and R50 for us advanced folks and students.  As usual kids under the age of 12 gain free access.  Secure Parking is R20.

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